Premium Quality Striped Jet Black Pure Woolen Shawl by Bannuci

Vendor: Bannuci
Product Type: Solid


  • Made of Grade 72 fine woolen fiber 
  • Hand Embroidered Stripes
  • No Animal harmed. Ethical Wool Harvestation
  • Northern Pakistan Sheeps and Goats
  • Luxury Product with light weight smooth and soft texture 
  • Light weight: 400 gram
  • Size 9×4 feet
  • We keep only Premium Quality in this category
  • Extremely warm and durable to last for many years.
  • Make sure to read and understand the care instructions.


BANNUCI QUALITY INDEX: 13 (Premium Quality)

(Details at the bottom of the page)

Softness: 3
Warmth 3
Weight 1
Texture 3

Weaving work: 2



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Care Instructions: 

1. Use a Soft Brush
2. Wash using Delicate/Woolen Washing Machine Programs
3. Use Mild Detergent for Washing Woolens
4. Never Bleach Woolen Garments 
5. Read Wash Care Instructions
6. Avoid Frequent Washing
7. Use a towel for faster drying
8. Don’t Dry the Shawls on Hangers or tight ropes
9. Unshrink a Sweater by using fabric softener in cold water
10. Remove Odors in Mild Sunlight




BANNUCI Quality Index for woolen shawls:

Poor Quality: Points less than 5
Normal Quality: Points 6-8
Supreme Quality: Points 9-12
Premium Quality: Points 12-15

1. Softness:
- Low grade: 1 point: Rough and scratchy texture
- Medium grade: 2 points: Moderately soft and comfortable
- High grade: 3 points: Luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin

2. Warmth Index:
- Low grade: 1 point: Provides minimal insulation and warmth
- Medium grade: 2 points: Offers adequate warmth for mild to moderate cold weather
- High grade: 3 points: Exceptionally warm, suitable for harsh winters

3. Weight:
- Low grade: 1 point: Very lightweight and thin
- Medium grade: 2 points: Moderate weight for a balanced feel
- High grade: 3 points: Heavier, providing a cozy and substantial feel

4. Roughness:
- Low grade: 1 point:  Feels rough on skin
- Medium grade: 2 points: Moderately smooth
- High grade: 3 points: Extremely Smooth and even texture throughout the shawl

5. Weaving Work:
- Low grade: 1 point: Minimal weaving 
- Medium grade: 2 points: Decent and moderate weaving work 
- High grade: 3 points: Expertly woven with intricate and flawless patterns


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Estimated to be delivered within 48 to 72 hours

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Premium Quality Striped Jet Black Pure Woolen Shawl by Bannuci

Premium Quality Striped Jet Black Pure Woolen Shawl by Bannuci

Rs.12,000.00 Rs.10,000.00

Premium Quality Striped Jet Black Pure Woolen Shawl by Bannuci

Rs.12,000.00 Rs.10,000.00

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